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Veelgestelde vragen

1. Services

  • How does the all-in service work?

    When you use our all-in service we take care of your home and provide our full holiday rental service package. What does this service package look like?

    Step 1: Preparation. We come by to meet you in person and to estimate the night price of your home, to answer all your questions and to give some advice about holiday rental.

    Step 2: Creating an Airbnb profile. Do you already have a verified Airbnb profile? In that case we take over the management. If don’t have a profile yet, we will create one.

    Step 3: Advertising. We advertise your home on Airbnb and determine the optimal night price for the period in which you want to rent out your home.

    Step 4: Management. When your home is online we manage your Airbnb profile, select your guests, communicate with you and your guests, accept bookings and manage your calendar.

    Step 5: Rental. We make sure your guests receive a warm welcome and get a tour through your home. We explain the house manual and tell the guests where to go in Amsterdam. When you return your home will be clean and tidy.

    Step 6: Payment. Airbnb pays your revenue directly to your bank account. At the end of the month you receive our specified invoice with all our services and costs.

  • Could The Friendly Host help me with only a single service like a check-in?

    No, unfortunately not anymore. Since June 1st 2017 we only provide our all-in service.

  • Does The Friendly Host provide linen and towels?

    Yes we do. We provide high quality hotel linen, towels, kitchen towels and shower cloth for your guests and make the beds when we take care of your home. After your last guests leave we will leave the beds unmade.

    It is very important that the guests don’t use your linen. If they do we can not wash them. Make sure you hide your own linen and towels somewhere your guests won’t find them, like a locked closet or bag marked with a ‘Private’ label.


  • Could The Friendly Host arrange a pre cleaning?

    This is possible if you inform us at least 2 days before the guests arrive. We charge 65 euros for a pre cleaning service that takes 2 hours. In case we need more time we charge 25 euros for each additional hour.

  • Does The Friendly Host clean my home before I return?

    Of course! We make sure you will return in a clean and tidy place.

  • Is it possible for my guests to check-in late in the evening or at night in case of a late arrival?

    Sure! We are available 24/7 so your guests can check-in any moment during the day or night. Due to the deviant hours for our hosts we charge your guests a ‘late check-in fee’: 25 euros when they arrive between 21.00 & 00.00 and 50 euros between 00.00 & 08.00. In this way we can serve your clients at all times. We put this information on your Airbnb advertisement and inform your guests about the additional costs when they tell us they will arrive late in the evening or at night.

2. Procedures

  • The benifits of our service for your guests

    On-call 24/7: In emergencies we can be reached day and night. If, for example, your guests are locked out at night, they can always call us.

    Early check-in or late check-out: We like to make it your guests as easy as possible. We also help them (when possible) with an earlier check-in or later check-out. Sometimes we charge a small extra fee for this because our host, for example, has to coordinate a check-in at night or because we have to change the cleaning and / or linen service outside our regular work schedule. In that case these extra costs will be paid by your guests and not by you.

    Tips & trucks: Our hosts know Amsterdam very well, so your guests can ask us anything. We are happy to help them discover the best tours and newest restaurants. We help them to get to know the real Amsterdam and we are not talking about the Heineken Experience and / or Madame Tussaud… We know the nicest hotspots in every district.

    Extra services: Do your guests need an extra interim cleaning? renting a baby cot? Extra blankets? Bicycles? We can also help with that. No question is too crazy.

  • Where does The Friendly Host advertise my home?

    Together with you we decide on what websites we will advertise your home. We have a lot of experience with advertising on different websites, but we prefer platforms where we can screen your guests carefully. We advertise on Airbnb for 95% of our clients. If you are interested in advertising on a different platform please contact us for some additional information.

  • How does The Friendly Host determine my night price?

    The night price depends on the period in which your home is on the Airbnb website. Based on factors such as season (high or low), important events (fairs and festivals) and the supply of houses we determine the best night price for your home daily.

  • How does The Friendly Host screen my guests?

    We find it very important to select nice guests in your home. Therefore we screen your guests very carefully and we are selective in choosing people we welcome in your home. As a homeowner you get the possibility to decide how strict we should screen your guests. 

  • How many copies of my keys does The Friendly Host need?

    We need 4 sets of keys to manage everything logistically and to provide the best service for you and your guests. Set 1 is for the host, set 2 is for the cleaner and set 3 is for the runner who picks up the linen, set 4 is a back-up that we keep at our office. Make sure all the keys work, it happened more than once that the keys do not work properly. Important: your guests need 2 sets of keys too. Leave them at home. This means that you need 6 sets of keys to rent out your home.

  • Who welcomes my guests and takes care of the cleaning?

    The Friendly Host works together with a small and reliable team of hosts and cleaners. Meet our awesome team!

  • How does The Friendly Host help to prevent nuisance?

    Preventing nuisance starts with a good screening policy. Therefore we screen all guests very carefully and we are selective in choosing people we welcome in your home. Fortunately, nuisance is very rare when you let us do all the work. In case of nuisance we are available for you or your neighbors to take action as soon as possible and if necessary we will visit your guests.

  • What service can I expect if an important facility breaks down?

    When you rent out your home there is a chance of a clogged toilet, a broken boiler or a loss of the WiFi connection. The Friendly Host offers a wide range of services to help their clients as soon and as good as possible.

    We visit your home and take a look at the problems. If we can fix the problem within an hour it is free of charge. In case we need more time we charge 25 euros for each extra hour. If we are not able te help you we will ask (with your permission) one of our reliable handymen.

  • How does The Friendly Host deal with damage?

    Fortunately, damage is very rare in most rental situations since we have a strict screening policy. Take into account that renting out your home can cause little signs of wear and tear. After your guests leave we check your home on any sort of damage. In case of damage we take photos, show them to you and submit a resolution request to the Resolution Center. If necessary we will involve Airbnb.

    Besides, the guests pay a deposit to increase the chance of damage compensation. The Airbnb Host Guarantee compensates up to a maximum of €800.000,- euros. Bear in mind that the money will only be payed out if you meet all the conditions. For example, Airbnb does not pay for the wear on a showerhead. Here you can find more information about the Host Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • What will happen to my mail?

    During your absence we will collect your mail at a designated place. If desired we can send you the important mail. If you’re away for a long time think about a mail forwarding service. Then you’re sure you won’t miss an envelope.

3. Revenue and expenses

  • What does our service cost?

    We apply the following rates:
    Holiday rental: 20% excluding btw (=24,2% including btw) of the nightly rate.
    Expat rental: 18%excluding btw (=21,78%including btw) of the nightly rate.
    Bed & Breakfast: 18%excluding btw (=21,78% including btw) of the nightly rate.
    Short stay vergunning: 15% excluding btw (=18,15% including btw) of the nightly rate.
    You don’t pay any startup costs.

  • Are there additional costs I should take into account?

    Maintenance, work and other activities:

    Of course, situations can always arise in which you would like to use our services for extra activities. Maybe you need us to buy a vacuum cleaner because it broke during your absence or you need someone to let a technician in because your internet is no longer working. In that case, we are also there for you. We charge an hourly rate of 25 euros to cover the extra costs for carrying out extra work that does not fall under the regular services. If we feel we have to charge extra costs then we will discuss this with you.

    The minimum booking value and minimum night price:

    During the intake interview we give you an indication of the average night price (also called ‘base price’) for which we expect to be able to rent out your property. We determine a minimum booking value (the minimum amount that you wish to earn with a booking) and a minimum night price. For bookings under 400 euros The Friendly Host works with a minimum fee of 100 euros. This amount includes BTW and excludes cleaning costs. Do you prefer no bookings under 400 euros? In that case, we set the minimum booking value to 400 euros. Of course we always try to generate bookings with the highest possible booking value. What is good for you is good for us!

  • Who pays the cleaning fee?

    We make sure to add a cleaning fee to your Airbnb advertisement. The cleaning fee will be payed by your guests and collected by us. You’ll find the cleaning fee on your invoice, separate from the % fee model. We determine the the price of the cleaning fee based on the amount of sleeping places, the surface of the house and factors such as garden or multiple bathrooms.

  • How is the fee calculated and when do I receive the invoice?

    You will receive a booking confirmation for every booking we make. In it, you can see who your guests are, in which period they will stay and what you earn with the booking. You will receive one invoice for all bookings that have taken place within a specific month. You can expect the invoice within the first 10 days of the next month. So suppose we have generated a number of bookings for you in the month of April, you will pay the fees in May. Wondering what a booking confirmation looks like? Check out the Airbnb and The Friendly Host examples below:

    Example booking confirmation Airbnb (based on this information we calculate our fee)

    Example booking confirmation The Friendly Host (this is the overview that you receive from us for every booking)

  • Can I choose a fixed price instead of a percentage fee?

    No. We know that some of our competitors offer a fixed amount instead of a percentage fee. We deliberately do not offer this option because we believe that both parties have more to gain when we agree on a % fee. The most important thing is that you receive nice, suitable guests in your home and that is why we take our guest screening proces very seriously. We do not accept guests that we do not feel completely comfortable with. If we would agree on a fixed amount and no suitable guests send inquiries, we would be easier tempted to accept guests that we do not fully support. With a % fee, that tendency is not present. We prefer keeping our clients satisfied, even if that is at the expense of our revenue.

  • When do I receive the rental revenue?

    In most cases Airbnb pays out the rental revenue the day after your guests have checked in. In exceptional cases (for example when a guest books directly with The Friendly Host and does not use a rental platform like Airbnb) the guest pays us and we pay you a few days later. When we accept a direct booking (without using Airbnb) we will always let you know beforehand to discuss it with you.

4. Bed & Breakfast and short stay

5. General

  • What is the minimum number of days for renting out my home?

    We use a minimum rental period of 3 consecutive weeks. Please contact us if your home is available more than 3 weeks a year.

  • How should I prepare my home for the rental period?

    Make sure your home is clean and ready for rental when your rental period begins. We make the beds with our linen and provide towels and dish cloths for your guests. After each booking we clean your home and prepare it for the next guests. Our cleaners use their own (sustainable) cleaning products, but make sure there’s a vacuum cleaner and a mop in your home.

    Tip 1: Replace your old showerhead, have your door lock fixed and let an expert check the boiler. This can save you from unnecessary repair costs and negative reviews.

    Tip 2: Clean your fridge and freezer before you leave. If you leave some food in the fridge, put a label on the products you don’t want to be thrown away.


  • What should my house manual contain?

    Your house manual should contain your house rules and instructions for your guests so they can use your home properly. After you fill in our intake form we automatically send you a personalised house manual for your guests. Feel free to add some nice tips or useful facts.

  • Can I use my home in between bookings?

    Sure! It is possible to stay in your home for a few days in between bookings. Please let us know in advance so we can adjust the availability of your home on the calendar. When you are not able to do the cleaning or if you want to use our linen, we can arrange it for you. We charge (including VAT):

    Cleaning: 65 euros for 2 hours. Do we need more time? Then we charge an hourly rate of 25 euros.

    Linen package: 25 euros for 1 single or 1 double bed including delivery and pick up.

    If you arrange the cleaning and the linen yourself we don’t charge anything of course.


  • Is it allowed to rent out my rented home?

    This is only allowed when you can prove that you have permission from your landlord. Renting out social housing with Airbnb is illegal.

6. Regulations, insurances and taxes

  • How does the rental registration requirement work?

    Since October 2017 lessors in Amsterdam are required to register every time they temporarily rent out their home to tourists (e.g. through Airbnb). The registration requirement holiday rental was established to prevent the negative consequences of holiday rental. The city council requested to record the new rules in the ‘Huisvestingsverordening’ (so called House Regulation). The registration requirement holiday rental limits the number of homes rented out for more than sixty days. This way, violations can be maintained more effectively. It does not matter what platform the property is being rented out from. Luckily, it’s simple to register a booking.

    Conditions for the holiday rental registration requirement Amsterdam

    • First of all, the main lessor is the only one renting out the property and you live there yourself (you are registered as occupant with the city of Amsterdam).
    • It has to be casual rental only.
    • Maximum 60 nights per calendar year.
    • There’s a maximum of four guests per stay.
    • No social housing or property of a housing company.
    • You have to register the holiday rental with the city council before the rental starts, this means that the stay must be registered before the guests arrive.

    Other things you should know about holiday rental registration requirement Amsterdam

    • The purpose of your home is living specifically.
    • You will need permission from the ‘VVE’ (homeowner association) to rent out your home.
    • Surely guests can’t cause nuisance in any way.
    • Your house or houseboat has to be fire safe.

    How does the registration work?

    Step 1
    Firstly, go to the registration form on the website of the city of Amsterdam to register. Click on the button ‘Meld vakantieverhuur’. Click on ‘volgende’ to go to the next step. Here you need to log in with your DigiD information.

    Step 2
    Secondly, you will get an overview of the known information when you log in with your DigiD.

    Step 3
    Thirdly, you need to submit the check in and check out dates of your guests on this page.

    Step 4
    Finally you will see an overview of all the submitted information. Read this through. If everything is correct and you meet all the criteria, you can confirm the form by checking the box.

    Are there any consequences to not registering your holiday rental?

    Failing to report holiday rental risks a fine of 6.000 euros. This may amount to a fine of 20.500 euros when other conditions are violated. This can happen when a property is rented out for more than 60 nights or when you host more than four guests at a time. We strongly recommend to always register your bookings.

  • Isn’t the limitation going back from 60 to 30?

    We heard that news as well. However, this change is not definite yet. Vereniging Amsterdam Gastvrij (a Dutch association) started a petition to go against the 30 nights agreement. On Tuesday October 16 2018, the petition was offered with over a thousand autographs. We are not sure if this will stop this possible change. If there’s any news, we will make sure to inform you.

  • How many nights can I rent out my home?

    It’s allowed to rent out your home for maximum 60 nights per year. Take a look at the chart below to see what situation applies to you.

  • Is holiday rental legal in Amsterdam?

    Yes it is! In Amsterdam you can legally rent out your home up to a maximum of 60 days a year. We wrote a blog about the ins and outs of the 60 nights agreement.

    It is really important that you meet the conditions of the municipality:

    Every time you rent out your home to tourists, you have to register the amount of nights with the municipality beforehand. This applies when you rent out through Airbnb, Wimdu, HomeAway or for example.

    The rules that apply to this situation are:

    • Every time you rent out your property, you must report it to the City using your DigiD. Only you can do this and you have to be the main resident.
    • You need to pay tourist tax to the City and include all revenues in your annual income tax assessment to the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).
    • Only the main resident can rent out the property to others.
    • Only occasional rental is allowed, for a maximum period of 60 nights per year.
    • You need permission from the Homeowners Association or from your landlord.
    • You can only rent out to a maximum of four people at one time.
    • The rental may not cause any nuisance to neighbours or the authorities.
    • The residence must meet appropriate fire safety standards.

    The City of Amsterdam carries out strict checks on holiday rentals. If you do not report the rental of your property, you can get a fine of 6000 euros or more.

    Read the full article here.

  • Am I insured with Airbnb?

    Airbnb insures up to a maximum of €800.000 euros for theft, vandalism and liability claims. Personal belongings such as jewellery, art and cash are not included in most cases. Besides, Airbnb does not cover normal wear and tear. Payments are subjected to conditions and restrictions. Here you can find more information about Host Garuantee Terms and Conditions.


  • What does my home insurance cover?

    Your home insurance is intended for using your home and equipment for private purposes only. In case of rental you make money with your home and do not use it for private purposes, despite you are not a professional business. Most policy conditions oblige you to inform your insurance company about your rental plans. If you do not, it is possible that the insurance company does not cover damage.

    Currently there are 4 insurance companies that cover incidental private rental: Nationale Nederlanden, ASR, Centraal Beheer Achmea and Aegon. For a small monthly rate they also (temporarily) cover damage during the rental period. Check this with your own insurance company, maybe they have some good recommendations.

  • Do I have to pay tourist tax?

    You don’t have to pay tourist tax when you rent out your home with Airbnb. Since February 2015 Airbnb collects the tax with each booking and automatically pays it to the municipality of Amsterdam.

    Airbnb is an exception, on other platforms the homeowner is responsible for collecting and paying the tourist tax.

  • Do I have to pay tax on rental income?

    When you rent out your home temporarily you are obliged to specify the net rental income on the return of your income tax. You can deduct the user costs (gas and electricity), the laundry and cleaning fee and our commission on your income. So using our service is beneficial in more than one way.

    You can find more information about taxes on rental on the website of the Dutch tax authorities.


7. Tips

  • Use a professional photographer.

    A very important tip! Airbnb is full of professional photos so your home won’t stand out if you use photos made with an iPhone.

    The Friendly Host works together with a professional interior photographer. This photographer makes at least 20 photos in HDR quality and is quickly available most of the time. This photoshoot is already available from 125 euros including VAT. We recommend to use this service since it increases the value of your home and the chance of a nice booking. Besides, you retain the copyrights so can use the photos in case you want to sell your house.


  • Inform your neighbors about your rental plans.

    We advise to inform your neighbors about your Airbnb rental plans. Are you a member of the homeowners’ association? Please check if it is allowed to rent out your home. Do you rent a home and are you thinking about holiday rental? Ask your landlord for permission. Give your neighbors our business card so they can contact us during your absence if necessery.

  • Store away your valuables.

    Guests love to stay in a home from a real ‘local’. So don’t store away all your personal stuff, but make sure your home is tidy, cosy and easy to clean.

    Most insurances do not cover the loss of personal belonings such as jewellery, art or cash. Therefore, we strongly advise to store away all the valuables on a safe spot or, even better, to remove them from your home.


  • Introduce us to a new homeowner and earn 75 euro’s.

    We are always happy with new clients. When you introduce us a new homeowner who will use our all-in service, you will receive 75 euro’s discount on your next invoice. Condition: the new client should rent out his home at least 21 consecutive nights a year.

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