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Friendly team

Know who's who and who does what

Tim Hofstee

Founding Father and CE(h)O(st) Everything’s gonna be alright!

Born in Hellevoetsluis, raised in IJsselstein, hardened in Utrecht and settled in Amsterdam. From his early adolescence he has spent his time entrepreneuring and traveling. After returning from a trip around the world he created his masterpiece: Airbnb-service The Friendly Host. With his creativity and hands-on mentality he quickly turned his private business into a big and successful company. Here’s mister The Friendly Host himself: Tim Hofstee.

Fred Spanjaard

Partner and CE(h)O(st) Life is short and the world is wide

This ginger bearded man is living proof that the USA is more than McDonald’s, Beyoncé and alternative facts. Raised in Boston, Massachusetts, but with his Dutch roots he quickly turned into a well-integrated Amsterdam citizen and startup experts who knows exactly how to keep his head cool in hectic situations. He won’t think twice about making fair deals with clients and guests. In his spare time he likes to play a game of frisbee(nb). Make some noise for Fred Spanjaard!

Thomas R. Koper

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

Online Marketing Consultant, Database Marketeer at Ahold, Bachelor of Business Administration; these are just a few terms from the Curriculum Vitae of this hardworking guy from Hoorn. As a former sales employee he even knows how to sell sand in the Sahara. Very good and reliable sand by the way, nothing wrong with that. He is a process developer, gets an energy boost from maintaining customer relationships and will give The Friendly Host a more prominent place on the world wide web. It is our pleasure to introduce you to: Thomas R. Koper.

Shanna Hunter

Head of Sales Don't worry, be happy!

She was educated at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, hardened in the hospitality industry and trained as a PR assistant. This lady from Zaandam communicates like a lefty version of Ronald Reagan and turns to a ‘stress free’ mode when there is complete chaos. Even if it’s 40 degrees outside, she keeps her head cool. With her minor in Philosophy she knows how to welcome guests like Nietzsche and Wittgenstein. She thinks, therefore she is. Let’s give a round of applause to the one and only Shanna Hunter!

Susanne Olsthoorn

Quality Control Manager Don't take life too seriously, have fun!

This Quality Control Manager makes sure that all the services of The Friendly Host meet the highest quality requirements. As the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle already stated: quality is not an act, it is a habit. Spot on! Also overseas she has always kept everything under control. As a tour guide she knows her way around Mid- and South America better than Evita Peron, Frida Kahlo en Che Guevara all together. We wish her a great journey together with The Friendly Host: Susanne Olsthoorn.

Anouk Koers

Accountmanager It's all about the journey

This artistic globetrotter knows best which elements a good holiday should include, also thanks to her prior job at Travelbird. Her hospitality talents are definitely not underdeveloped. She followed diverse courses in this area, such as a minor Spa & Health in Thailand. A retraite and yoga course in India made her mentally and physically flexible. So please don’t be shocked when you find her upside down in her office chair. A sun salutation for: Anouk Koers!

Alon Vinig

Customer Happiness Manager If a task is once begun, never leave it 'till it's done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.

Service-oriented and enthusiastic: these are the two words that best describe Alon’s character. Thanks to his experience with working at several high class hotels, he won’t blink an eye when a tough situation comes up. Give him a problem and he knows how to turn it into something positive very quickly. A very suitable match with The Friendly Host, if you ask us. Let us introduce to you: Alon Vinig.

Gwen Tegels

Customer Happiness Manager Don't wait for people to be friendly, show them how

As a customer happiness tiger, there’s only one thing that matters to Gwen: making guests and customers happy. This traveling lady thinks Airbnb is the perfect platform for a good trip and likes to live as a local while she’s at it. With the long list of Airbnb’s visited, she knows exactly what a house needs to contribute to a successful trip. Give it up for Gwen Tegels!


Host Host is where the house is

Apart from her Portuguese blood, this hostess has a genuine dose of hospitality running through her veins. Thanks to her exotic background, she has a true feeling for language, which prevents guests to get Lost in Translation. Apart from her hosting activities, she also helps locals to get a killer body with her bootcamp trainings. Thanks to her, not one office belly can be detected at the Friendly Host team. Bem vindo: Angela!


Host & Runner Don’t be a stranger!

As one of the first official Friendly hosts, this laidback guy in his thirties is a respected member of The Friendly Host family. The Amsterdam bicycle lanes are definitely not unfamiliar to this jolly good fellow. Thanks to his relaxed attitude, every guest feels right at ease in Amsterdam. Anyone who has an open bill with this bloke, better brings cash. The digital money system is not his cup of tea. Say hello to: Mark.

Host team
Our host team currently consists of: Mark, Angela, Willemijn and Shenna. All of them are experienced, friendly hosts who pay attention to details. The hosts welcome your guests and make them immediately feel home in our city.

Cleaning team
Our experienced cleaning team consists of professional and reliable cleaners who use sustainable cleaning products. Each cleanup will be checked twice by our quality manager. A high standard with respect for the environment.

Do you want to join our team? Check our vacancies

The Friendly Host
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